Posted on October 28, 2014 at 1:38 am

328 Days Sober!!

Today marks the day of being 328 days sober.
It’s been a long road. But a good one. 🙂 I would like to help others find and / or obtain / maintain their sobriety. I have also been working on some ideas to help prevent others, especially children. I figure if I can reach them at a young age like maybe seeing if I can help with the D.A.R.E. program (I dunno if they will let me since I am a felon, and have yet to goto court on my “new” charges (bullshit charges)).

Speaking of court I have a hearing on November 6th, 2014 my lawyer said to find-out if the motions will pass. I dunno when we goto trial, but I think it’s before Thanksgiving.

Pray for me people. Please, I need all the help I can get. I am truly, truly an innocent man (well innocent of what the fucked-up law enforcement is charging me with), I need to be able to get the search warrant dropped, because I was under the influence of opiates and DMT and talked too much about something I never did. That was last year…. when they served the warrant, December 17th, 2013. They threatened to put me in jail, and then (more-so now) I have a mother who is severely ill with terminal thyroid cancer that’s spread to her whole body, and the chemo is killing her worse. Back then they basically threatened to arrest me right then and there if I did not tell them what they wanted to hear, I was ao afraid that I would be taken away from the love of my life, my best friend… my wife Michelle, & that I’d be in jail while mom was fighting for her life.

Of course it’s worse now, my mother’s health is 1000x worse than before, we don’t think that she does not have much time left. I hate the way the law enforcement and courts in Maine are. It seems like EVERYONE, law-enforcement, D.A.’s, Judges, and Defense Lawyers (especially court-appointed ones like mine) are all on the same side — the side that is not mine.

On top of all of that my probation officer Mike Downs is out to get me.

Anyway I ramble…. and I don’t feel like typing any more…

.:: Out ::..

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