Posted on January 25, 2014 at 11:18 am

Settling In

I just got into the office and found out that we are now hosting our blog at SDF. I am thrilled! 🙂 Rock Solid NetBSD Unix cluster. Right-on! I’m still on vacation for another 4 days, so I was just “pissing-on-the-local-tree” as it were — marking my spot on the new blog setup. Much to my chargin however I have discovered that due to going down <b>AND</b> the fact that Galligan did’nt give us shite for time, our most recent back-up is nearly a year old. WE’VE LOST TONS OF POSTS. So far Jim and I have only been able to save some of the old personal-section of Jim’s blogsome text. (From the re-hab days). I am sure glad that he’s cleaned-up his act since.


Anyway, I am going back to my remaining 4 days of downtime.




*/harper, aka “Mr. Unix”/*

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